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In our times of increasing pollution, climate change; rising sea levels and fiercer weather events, the three E’s of diving – Education, Experience and Equipment – are often accompanied by a fourth E: Environment.

Climate change, but also increasing pollution and overfishing due to the increased global appetite for fish products are all of great concern to the scuba diving community. Reef Buddies is committed to helping scuba divers become more aware of the environment they move around in.

Keep our oceans clean

Rising sea levels, dying species and diminishing fish populations; increasing water salinity, shore erosion and the destruction of coral reefs are only a few of the implications to come in the nearer future. As divers, we have an obligation to do our bit to prevent our oceans from dying and to preserve the fantastic underwater world for future generations to come.

One of the most important measures we can take is to become ambassadors and role model for other scuba divers to follow. This includes environmentally friendly diving practices, through which we leave the underwater world exactly the way we found it. Always make sure your equipment is secured while diving as dangling gauges and regulators can break fragile corals and plants.

When you dive, it is a good idea to always stay well clear of underwater species and don’t bring anything other than photos up to the surface. This will also help you stay safe under water. Respect local aquatic life, avoid damaging any underwater species, and leave nothing but bubbles behind.

Project AWARE Foundation

Project AWARE logoFor more information on how you can help protect our world’s oceans, visit the Project AWARE Foundation online. Project AWARE teaches the world about the importance and responsibility of preserving the aquatic environment and its resources. Through organising underwater clean-ups, monitoring and conserving coral reefs; educating scuba divers and non-divers about sharks and other species; and training divers, kids and others about marine environments, Project AWARE is making a real difference for the conservation of our ocean planet. You can sign up to become a volunteer and help preserve the oceans the way we know and love them.

Visit for more information.

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