Hoskyns Island

Unfortunately  throughout the past hundred years some of the islands and reefs in the bunker group have been subject to human related damage first with Guano mining which completely flattened some islands like Lady Musgrave and Fairfax Islands and then with the introduction  of goats that were left  on islands to provide food for passing sailors , these goats striped many islands bare of low lying plants and if that wasn’t enough the Australian Military also decided to use Fairfax Island as target practice. Amazingly Hoskyns Island managed to remain relatively unaffected by all these events which explains why it’s in such a pristine state today. Located between the Fairfax Islands and Llewellyn reef it is amazing how rarely this magical place is visited, with a lot of visitors to the area not even aware of its existence. The Hoskyns islands are one of the most untouched Island and reef Systems in the bunker Group.

Below the surface at Hoskyns is nothing short of mind blowing, with sheer abundance of marine life. Manta Rays (The Gentle Giants) regularly visit Hoskyns reef to feed in the currents and seem only happy to interact with divers and snorkelers. Reef Sharks, Sea Snakes, Grouper, Barracuda, Mackerel, Tuna and large bull rays are all seen here, regularly cruising over the pristine coral reefs, and then of course there are the turtles, loads of them!! Hoskyns is an important turtle breading ground and 4 different species can be sighted here year round.

Above the surface there’s just as much action, Large Booby Birds making dramatic high speed plunges into the sea, feeding on thousands of bait fish which have been herded into tight balls on the surface by the hungry pelagic fish bellow, beautiful Shearwaters gliding across the surface wingtips almost dipping into the water and almost oblivious to everything else the Noddy Turns rush about their daily business around the cays.



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